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This is not 'another' Customer Service course. It is a Customer Experience course.

Did you know there is a difference between the two?

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While customer service is about how you relate with your customers in order to provide adequate help and support to them; customer experience goes a little further

Customer Experience encapsulates the entire journey a customer has with a business. It is the perception the business creates with its customers

However, customer service is one of the three factors that determines customer experience. So every time you give an exceptional customer service, you improve your customer experience rating.

This is an online course designed for Team leads, Supervisors, Managers and Business owners who are responsible for delivering excellent customer experience.
See what some of our past trainees had to say.
Halima Umoru
"I like that the course is flexible but time-bound. The lessons helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses in relating with my subordinates, colleagues and superiors.
After taking the module on EI for Managers and the self assessment exercise, I was prompted to the fact that team members rarely come to me for work-related and personal advice."
Coincidentally, few hours later at work, a team member came to me for both work related and personal advice. It was an opportunity to exercise EI."
Olawale Adekile
I love all aspect of the lectures , in fact the politeness of the facilitator is great.
White Bright
The depth of knowledge gained here has been a big difference in my view which I intend to implement immediately and I like the way the modules were separated and given time to digest.
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What you will learn in the course:
Skills for effectively handling customer interaction via multiple channels
Customer experience. How to improve customer experience in order to build customer loyalty.
Customer retention strategies to deploy in order to increase your customer lifetime value.
Emotional Intelligence for Managers
Performance and Quality Management techniques for improved staff / team performance.
A profitable Feedback collection system that converts. How to develop and deploy a structured feedback system.
How to Calculate and Monitor your Customer Satisfaction Rate to monitor performance and improve business profitability.
How to hire the best fit for your FRONT DESK position; best process and procedure to utilize.
... plus more
BONUS: Get FREE easy-to-use templates for Interaction Documentation, Feedback Collection and Analysis
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- Significantly improve customer experience and build a team of loyal customers

- Maximize the potential of your team for improved productivity and performance

- Get recognized for exceptional skills and attract higher responsibilities at the workplace

- Increase customer retention rate for improved profitability of the organization.

- Ability to use structured feedback to significantly reduce churn rate.

- Certificate of completion (Issued after Assessment)
Benefits of signing up
Meet the facilitator
Mrs. Anne Okorie is a Customer Experience & Training Specialist with over 15 years experience. 

Anne has trained thousands of people in customer service, customer experience and quality monitoring. 

She is also an author and the customer experience consultant at Contacta Support Solutions Limited.
See what some of her trainees say about her...
Phebe Christian
My! Anne was a blast. I rarely find such facilitators as interesting as she. I calmly listened to the webinar, enjoyed it so much, forgot about data issues, Lord, she was just so great.
Eunice Yohanna
She was really friendly, easy going and showed her depth of knowledge. She also carried everyone along personally .
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It is an online training, hence all the lectures will be delivered via our online course platform. 
 How will the training hold?
Frequently Asked Questions 
Your training fee covers for only a digital (soft) copy of your certificate, however, if you want a hardcopy certificate, you can apply for it and we will have it delivered to you anywhere you are in the world
Would I get a hard copy or soft copy Certificate?

The modules are well structured such that, if you give 1 hour to it everyday, you would complete the course in one week
How long will the training last?
The payment link is not working, can I make a bank transfer?
Sure you can. Kindly pay into our corporate account and send your proof of payment to 
Bank Name: First Bank PLC
Account Number: 2032430868
Account Name: Contacta Support Solutions
Yes, Certificates will be issued to Trainees who complete the course and the Assessment Quiz.
Will I get a certificate after the training?
Can I still register after Earlybird closes?
Yes you can, however, you will no longer enjoy the Earlybird discount, you will have to pay a higher registration Fee
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